WIESERGUT is a design hotel in Hinterglemm, Austria – its architecture and interior design are reduced to the bare essential and create an air of highly exclusive simplicity. The atmosphere is harmonious and contemplative. Materials such as wood, stone and leather tell of the owners’ close affinity with nature.

The tableware that Petra Lindenbauer has created for the WIESERGUT represents all that – accentuating the pleasures of a cuisine that uses wild herbs and flowers. The ceramics are as authentic as the tastes of the dishes and seem grounded in their natural surroundings. Their textures and colours tell of rough rocks and gnarled woods. They are reminiscent of mountain lakes and wide open skies and transport delicate flowery hues from the gardens.

The WIESERGUT tableware comprises a multitude of items: bowls, plates, platters, dishes, mugs and jugs but also vases and other hollow-ware. Each individual ceramic is a powerful statement of its own and yet they add to a composite impression of pure, archaic beauty.


Images: Günter Standl

“Ceramics artist Petra Lindenbauer has created a dedicated tableware collection for the design hotel WIESERGUT. Its purist style provides an ideal setting for the deliciously intense slow food based on regional produce and ingredients.”

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