Ceramics are a communicative matter: they comprise the concepts of touch and use as much as they imply interaction. Whenever Petra Lindenbauer is working with clay, there’s always a counterpart: the clay, the form and an idea.

Her unique pieces sometimes seem like drafting stages in a creative approach to a greater project. At times the ideas may take a life of their own until the object eventually leads the artist. The outcomes are – literally – individual items: Ceramics that stand for themselves.


Tableware Set


Limoges-Porcelain Set, thrown.  Images: Konrad Limbeck.


Korean Inspired Set



Korean Mood

Anthracite clay, thrown, 1.230°C, Images: Konrad Limbeck



3 bowls for International Macsabal Museum in Wanju, Jeonbuk, South Korea. Images: Christian Ringbauer.


White Couple for the Forbidden City, Beijing

White couple for the forbidden city, beijing

For the international contemporary ceramic art exhibition “ceramic words on the silk road” in the ancestral temple of the forbidden city, Beijing (China) in November 2015. Stoneware fired 1.230°C, diameter approx. 18 cm / height 7 cm, Image: Christian Ringbauer

Special Pieces

Keramik Petra Lindenbauer